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A priority for lay apostolate formation

Dear Friends,

This month we're pleased to thank and congratulate the members, drafters and periti at the Second Assembly of the Australian Plenary Council for all their work in bringing the event to a successful conclusion.

Despite tensions during the week, particularly over the draft motions on the role of women, intense discussions led to a redrafted motion regarded as a great improvement and which was adopted.

ACI was particularly pleased with Decree 6 on "Formation and Leadership for Mission and Ministry," which endorsed the Vatican II vision of the apostolate of the laity acting as a leaven in the world and made lay apostolate a priority.

Now these decrees need to be implemented. With this in mind, we will hold our second LG31 Forum on Lay Apostolate (named for §31 of the Vatican II document, Lumen Gentium) on 28 July.

In this issue, we also present a significant article by retired academic, Gregory Patmore, who warns against the business community's blindspot with respect to cooperatives.

We feature a review of Tang Lay Lee's history of the Singapore YCW, To Jurong with Love.

We have the video of our webinar with South African former YCW chaplain, Fr Joe Falkiner. We remember US YCW leader and Peace Corps pioneer, Russ Tershy.

And we present Sr Heather Weedon's PhD thesis on the evolving missiology of her congregation, the Franciscan Sisters of Mary, and the relevance of the see-judge-act to her order.

We also feature our new website "The Pact of the Catacombs," which explains how Cardijn's consecration to the working class provided the model for the bishops who adopted the Pact.

Finally, don't miss the list of coming events.

Stefan Gigacz
Plenary prioritises lay apostolate formation
The Australian Plenary Council, which concluded last week, has prioritised formation for the apostolate of the laity in its Decree on “Formation and Leadership for Mission and Ministry.”

“Responding to the call for a renewal of formation,” reads §7 of the introduction to Decree 6, “the Plenary Council endorses principles and strategies that develop models of formation to encourage and strengthen the apostolate of the laity in the world. “

It continues with a strong endorsement of the see-judge-act method.

READ MORE Council prioritises lay apostolate formation (Australian Cardijn Institute)

LG31 Forum: Lumen Gentium and the Lay Apostolate
On Saturday 2 July 2022 - two days before the opening of the 2nd Assembly of the Australian Plenary Council - ACI organised an "LG31 Forum on Lay Apostolate" with the aim of reflecting on how to promote the Vatican II vision of lay apostolate in light of the Plenary.

We were joined by several Plenary members, including Sr Stancea Vichie of the Missionary Sisters of Service, Fr Jim Monaghan, vicar general of Port Pirie Diocese and parish priest of Port Augusta, Wendy Goonan from Parramatta Diocese, Jodi Steel from Wollongong Diocese, and Deborah Robertson from Bunbury.


LG31 Forum on Lay Apostolate: Next steps (Australian Cardijn Institute)

Business schools cooperative blindspot
Tranby is an Indigenous adult education school in the inner-city Sydney suburb of Glebe, writes Gregory Patmore. Founded in 1957, its graduates include Eddie Mabo, who went on to win the most significant land rights legal battle in Australian history – overturning the fiction of terra nullius.

What makes Tranby special is not just being Australia’s oldest not-for-profit independent Indigenous education provider. It is the type of education it provides – teaching the skills needed to manage organisations and communities democratically.
It teaches co-operation, and the skills to run co-operative organisations.

This makes it a rarity in business education.


Business schools have a cooperative blindspot (Australian Cardijn Institute)
Book: From parish to periphery: The story of the Singapore YCW
To Jurong with love
Former Singapore YCS and YCW leader, Tang Lay Lee, has published a history of the Singapore YCW entitled “To Jurong with love.”

She traces the history of the movement from its beginnings in 1954-55 by French Foreign Mission priests Frs Hippolyte Berthold and Louis Amiotte-Suchet in the parish of Saints Peter and Paul to its ultimate end in 1998.

The book concludes with a chapter series of reflections and testimonies from YCW leaders and chaplains as well as with a beautiful poem testifying to the powerful formative influence of the movement.


Book: To Jurong with Love (Australian Cardijn Institute)
Video: Fr Joe Falkiner: A priest for workers in apartheid South Africa
South African Dominican priest, Fr Joe Falkiner op, was our guest for the July 2022 ACI webinar.

He shared his experiences of working with the YCW during the era of the apartheid system in South Africa.

Remembering Russ Tershy, US YCW and Peace Corps pioneer
Former US YCW leader and Peace Corps pioneer, Russell Tershy, has died in California at the age of 101.

Later Russ and a former US YCS chaplain, Anthony Soto, went on to co-found the Center for Employment Training in San Jose. The centre became a model of its genre and integrated.

READ MORE Tershy: YCW and Peace Corps pioneer (Australian Cardijn Institute)
Heather Weedon: Evolving Missiology of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
Franciscan Missionaries of Mary
Sr Heather Weedon FMM has published her 2017 PhD thesis on “The Evolving Missiology of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary” on the Academia website.

In her thesis, Heather notes the similarity between the discernment method followed by founder, Hélène de Chappotin, and the jocist see-judge-act method.

“When discerning any situation, Helene studied the issue, then prayed about it, asking advice from her spiritual director or others whose opinions she valued, before making any final decision,” Heather writes. “This method was continued by her Sisters and followed Cardinal Cardijn’s method.”


Heather Weedon, The Evolving Missiology of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary (Academia)
The Pact of the Catacombs and the Pietralata Message
The Domitilla Catacombs
Catholic institutions from several continents have joined together to launch a free online course in synodality that will be open to bishops, priests, religious and lay people around the world, Rafael Luciani informs us.

The project is coordinated by members of the Theological Commission of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops in collaboration with the Formación Continua of the Jesuit School of Theology and Ministry at Boston College.

Presenters include Rafael, Sr Nathalie Becquart and Bishop Shane MacKinlay, all of whom have previously spoken at ACI webinars.


Online synodality course aims for 100,000 participants (Australian Cardijn Institute)
Coming events
Here is a list of coming events and webinars with Zoom registration links:

Sunday 24 July, 7.30pm AEST: Cardijn Mass with Fr Jim Monaghan followed at 8.30pm AEST by a Cardijn Community webinar on Review of Life Copy InvitationVideoHostOff

Thursday 28 July, 7.00pm AEST: LG31 Forum on Lay Apostolate

Tuesday 16 August, 7pm AEST: Mark Linkson, The Indigenous Science Network

Tuesday 13 September, 7pm AEST: Mathijs Lamberigts: Gerard Philips, Lay people in the Church

Save the dates!
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