ACI AGM online Tuesday 30 August 2022

The ACI Annual General Meeting for 2022 will be held via Zoom on Tuesday 30 August 2022 at 7pm AEST.

Our first guest speaker will be Sarah Prenger, who has just recently completed her term as president of the International YCW. Sarah is currently completing a master’s in Catholic Social Teaching in her home country, Germany.

Also joining us will be Sarah’s compatriot, Bernhard Bormann, another former IYCW leader, who is now a member of the leadership team of the International Cardijn Association, an alumni network for YCW members.

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And please also note the Zoom link:

Registration is required.

Nomination of directors

ACI Rules are attached or may be consulted online here:

Please particularly note Rule 47, which sets out the procedures governing the election of directors.

In accordance with this, I advise that:

i) ACI currently has seven directors. No directors are retiring at or prior to this AGM.

ii) Nominations are open for further directors as the AGM may decide. All financial members are eligible to stand for election.

iii) Responsibilities and duties of directors are set out in the attached document. They may also be consulted at the following link:

iv) No remuneration is payable to directors.

v) Nominations must be made as follows:

A nomination must:

(i) be signed by 2 or more members; and

(ii) provide details of the qualifications and experience of the person nominated;


(iii) be accompanied by a notice in writing signed by the nominee consenting to

their nomination.

(d) The nomination and the notice of consent must be lodged with the secretary of the co-operative at least 30 days before the annual general meeting. (See Rule 47 (5) (c).

Nominations therefore need to be sent to me, the secretary, by 31 July 2022.

Financial membership

Please ensure that your membership is up to date prior to the AGM and/or become an ACI patron.

The annual membership fee is (a very modest) $12.

Bank details for payments:

Account name: Australian Cardijn Institute Cooperative
Bank: Great Southern Bank BSB: 814282 A/c No.: 51304905

Pay online here:

Draft Agenda

The chairperson, Mr Brian Lawrence is to deem if we have a quorum and then open the meeting with a prayer.

1. To confirm the Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 28 August 2021. See attached minutes.

2. Any matters arising from the Minutes of the 2021 Annual General Meeting.

3. To receive from the Board, Auditors, any officer of the ACI, any member of ACI, any reports upon the transactions, affairs of the Australian Cardijn Institute for the year end of 30/06/2021.

4. Income and Expenditure Statement and Balance Sheet for the year end 30/06/2022. Mr Michael Rice to present. See attached Report.

5. Election of Directors: Present Board Members are: Mr Brian Lawrence (President), Messrs Stefan Gigacz (Secretary), David Moloney, Michael Rice (Treasurer), Desmond Ryan and Katharine Massam. During the year, Mr Greg Lopez resigned as a member of the board.

None of their terms of office are expiring this year. No nominations have been received for further members of the board.

The Board is seeking to further improve its expertise and is looking for suitable candidates with special skills in marketing, religious, theological and other relevant disciplines and in order to increase gender and age diversity.

6. Guest speakers: Sarah Prenger, former president of the International YCW, currently completing a masters in Catholic Social Teaching in Germany, and Bernhard Bormann, member of the leadership of the International Cardijn Association, the alumni network of the IYCW.

7. National and International Reports: Mr S. Gigacz

Websites/Newsletter: Mr S. Gigacz

Other reports as required

8. Our “Notice of Meeting” is online here:

Members are encouraged to email the secretary Mr S.R. Gigacz by 23 August 2022 with any voting intentions, questions for the annual meeting or suggestions: 

9. ACI Plan for 2023-24

12. General Business


Secretary/Director: Mr S. Gigacz

Email: or

Phone: 0491 077 033.

ACI Registered Address: 56 Austin Rd, Seaford, Vic, 3198.

Thanking you and looking forward to seeing you all on 30 August.

Stefan Gigacz


Australian Cardijn Institute Cooperative Ltd
Incorporated in 2018
(Cooperatives National Law Application Act 2013)
ABN: 19211591334

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