Arizmendi Gatherings for Australia and the Americas

“Wherever there are people who are conscious of their dignity, who love freedom, who are resolved to meet the demands of social justice, and who are able to accept a regime of solidarity that benefits everyone equally, there is a basis for cooperativism…”

Father José María Arizmendiarrieta

The Earthworker Cooperative in Australia and Solidarity Hall (for the Americas) are hosting two gatherings to mark the passing of Fr José María Arizmendiarrieta (Arizmendi) (22 April 1915 – 29 November 1976), founder of the Mondragón Corporation, the largest integrated network of worker co-operatives in the world, based in the Basque Autonomous Community.

Significantly, Fr Arizmendi, as he was also known, was a chaplain to local Catholic Action groups in the town of Mondragon, including the local JOC.

The Arizmendi gatherings will facilitate shared learning about his legacy and that of the Mondragon cooperatives as well as the conditions we face today so we can combine our different social and environmental justice efforts together to build a broad and committed movement for economic democracy, cooperation and equitable distribution of ownership.

Themes to be explored include:

Arizmendi the person – reflecting on his life

Arizmendi in action – the Mondragon experience

Arizmendi’s legacy – inspiring the social/solidarity economy today.

Speakers will include:

  • Prof. Katherine Massam (historian and ACI board member) – reflection on the life of Arizmendi
  • Elsa (Uka) Pinto and Leo Suares (Timor Leste co-operators) – on the shoots of cooperation in Timor Leste
  • Dan Musil (Earthworker Secretary) – on the Mondragon legacy and Earthworker
  • Colin Long (Victorian Trades Hall Council) – a reflection on the future of cooperation.

ACI is co-sponsoring the event along with several other union, church and community groups and institutions including Yarra Theological Union, Pilgrim Theological College, the University of Divinity, Jesuit Social Services, Borderlands Cooperative and Union Aid Abroad.


Arizmendi Gathering (Australia/Asia-Pacific): online via Zoom



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Josemaria Arizmendiarriatta (Joseph Cardijn Digital Library)

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