Australia – The same sex marriage survey

No doubt the  biggest issue under discussion in Australia right now is the upcoming same sex marriage (SSM) survey, which will now go ahead after the High Court ruled that there are no constitutional obstacles in its path, SBS News reports.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said the decision would mean all Australians would now get to have their say.

“And that is as it should be, we encourage every Australian to vote in this survey and have their say,” Mr Turnbull said.

“The effect of the decision of the court is that there is now no legal impediment to that postal survey proceeding and all Australians having their say on this important social question,” Attorney General Senator George Brandis told Parliament.

In response, Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten, called for a “yes” vote in favor of same sex marriage.


What are the issues at stake in the same sex marriage survey?


What do you think about same sex marriage?

What other issues are involved? Social welfare for same sex couples? Children?

Have you discussed the issue with your friends, work colleagues? What do they think?

What are the views of different community groups?

Political parties? Churches? Other religions?

Here are several Catholic views:

Prof. Eamonn Conway and Dr Rik Van Nieuwenhove, Where does Pope Francis stand on same-sex marriage? (Irish Catholic)

Archbishop Anthony Fisher of Sydney, Between ideal and reality: What future for marriage in Australia? (Archdiocese of Sydney)

Frank Brennan SJ, Catholics and the marriage equality plebiscite (Eureka Street)


Do you plan to vote in the SSM survey?

How will you vote?

Will you discuss your views with your family, friends, colleagues?

Do you plan to become involved in the campaign either for or against? How? Social media? Rallies? Writing to political leaders?


Photo: Guy of taipei / Wikipedia / CCA BY SA 3.0