Cardijn Lecture – The emergence of synodality

Thanks to all who joined our inaugural Cardijn Lecture with Rafael Luciani, Elissa Roper and Nancy Conrad on Saturday.

Here is the video of the event:

Here also are the accompanying slides:

Synodality and Reform (Google Slides online version)

Synodality and Reform (PPT version)

Rafael has kindly also shared the following documents for further reading:

Medellin as a synodal event: From collegiality to synodality

From the synod on synodality to the synodalization of the whole church

And Elissa Roper has also shared a list of references for her response:

The experience of Australian Catholics

Thanks once again to all our speakers for their inspiring contributions, to Tony Robertson for his technical and hosting support and to Robbie Gigacz for editing the video for YouTube.