Lent Gospel Enquiries launched

Many of our readers will be familiar with the regular See-Judge-Act Gospel Enquiries that Pat Branson has prepared over the last nine months and which we have often featured in our monthly ACI Newsletter.

Now, as Lent 2024 begins, Pat has undertaken to prepare a special series of six See-Judge-Act Gospel Enquiries, one for each week of Lent.

Week 1 of the program – Jesus’ wilderness experience – is already available here now on this link:

In order to receive each of these Gospel Enquiries in your mailbox each week, we request a humble donation of $5 – only $1 a week for the next five weeks!

Simply click below to ensure you don’t miss out on this special offer from ACI:


As always, all proceeds will go to into the production of further resources for individuals and all kinds of groups who may be interested.

Why not get together with your family or with a group of friends to reflect on the Gospel passage of the week?

Let us know if you do, we’d love to hear about it – and share your experience with others.


Lent Gospel Enquiries 2024