Lent solidarity with Myanmar

This ACI has decided to focus our Lenten efforts this year on a solidarity campaign in support of the work of the Young People for Development (YPD) network with displaced people and refugees in Myanmar.

Since its beginnings in 2003, the Karen YPD network – which works among the Karen ethnic communities who live on both sides of the Thailand*-Myanmar border – has continued to form and organise young leaders using the Cardijn “see-judge-act” method with which we are so familiar.


Many of these young people have been displaced from their home villages by a conflict that has lasted for over 80 years, and which has only worsened since the latest military coup that ousted Aung San Suu Kyi’s government in 2021.

Many Karen villages have been bombed by helicopters and planes, causing deaths, injuries and forcing people to move into the jungle or even across the border into Thailand.

In fact, we hosted a webinar on this very issue with Australian human rights specialist, Chris Sidoti, as well as refugee and author, Zoya Phan, herself a “graduate” of our first YPD program in 2003, which you can watch here:


Amid all this, the YPD movement, led by a remarkable Karen man, known to us in English by his nickname as Kwi Kwi, has continued to organise see-judge-act training programs for young people living in those rural villages.

He and the Karen YPD leaders have developed a broad and growing range of programs including training medical assistants for remote villages, providing vocational training for young people leaving school, and even begun to develop its own income generation activities.

Right now, YPD leaders have identified two major needs:

a) To upgrade student accommodation in the YPD learning compound located at a small village across the Thai border in Myanmar;

b) To provide food to support people fleeing their villages and taking refuge in the jungle.

Scroll down to witness the impact they’re making with the see-judge-act!


Our fundraising target is a modest sum – particularly given the great needs that exist – of Ä$2000.

Please help us to take on this challenge to support the actions and activities of the Karen Young People for Development network?

Please click on this link to donate:


Thank you for your generosity.