Joseph Cardijn Digital Library

The website has published over 100 articles by Cardijn in English with hundreds more to come in French. It also hosts a range of other documents by Cardijn and other leaders and chaplains of the jocist movements in French and English.

Research Library

ACI is developing a research library on Cardijn, lay apostolate, the history and work of the JOC and its sister movements, Vatican II, etc. Currently, we have a collection of over 2000 books and documents, including many rare historical sources.

Education and training

ACI launched a series of “Study Circles” sessions at Catholic Theological College, Melbourne, in October 2018. At the first session, YCW fulltimer, Marilyn Bellett outlined her work to rebuild the movement in Melbourne. In November, Stefan Gigacz examined the relevance of Cardijn’s methods in the 21st century.

Cardijn Studies Journal

Cardijn Studies is a refereed, academic journal published by ATF Press, Adelaide. It provides a platform for publishing the latest research in fields relevant to the work of the Cardijn Institute. Two issues have already been published.