Archbishop Pinera
Archbishop Bernardino Piñera

Emeritus Archbishop Bernardino Piñera of La Serena, Chile

Dear Friend:

I have read your letter with great interest, in which he manifests that he is willing to create a movement in Australia to remember the Belgian canon José Cardjin. I knew Canon Cardjin very much and I am a great admirer of him. I accompanied him twice on a trip through Latin America. He was also in Chile and on several occasions I went to see him in Belgium or I met him in Rome.

Despite the admiration I feel for him, I have the impression that nobody remembers him today. His work, the Belgian JOC that reached to spread to France and other countries, today is over. I have never heard of him again, nor have I met him in the press. I am left wondering what it means today to want to awaken the memory of a priest who was very important 100 years ago but who today seems to me to be forgotten even in his country of origin.

I am 103 years old and it is difficult for me to communicate because I have lost a lot of sight and hearing. If you would like to ask me something very specific and that I feel capable of doing it, I will do it with pleasure. But I have the impression that Cardjin already has its place in the history of the Church but it has already passed from the world today.

In any case if you write something about Cardjin or gather some interesting material and have the kindness to send it to me, I would really appreciate it.

May God bless you and may Cardigan Cardyn bless you who must be in Glory.
Affectionately + Bernardino Piñera C.,
Archbishop Emeritus of La Serena

Original Spanish

Estimado amigo:

He leído con mucho interés su carta en la cual me manifiesta estar dispuesto a crear en Australia un movimiento para recordar al canónigo belga José Cardjin. Yo conocí mucho al canónigo Cardjin y soy un gran admirador de él. Lo acompañé en dos oportunidades en un viaje por América Latina. También él estuvo en Chile y en varias oportunidades lo fui a ver a Bélgica o me encontré con él en Roma.

A pesar de la admiración que yo siento por él tengo la impresión de que hoy día nadie lo recuerda. Su obra, la JOC belga que alcanzó a extenderse a Francia y otros países, hoy día ya pasó. Nunca he vuelto oír a hablar de él ni me he encontrado con él en la prensa. Me entra la duda de qué significa hoy día querer avivar el recuerdo de un sacerdote que fue muy importante hace 100 años pero que hoy día me parece estar olvidado incluso en su país de origen.

Yo tengo 103 años y me cuesta comunicarme porque he perdido mucho la vista y el oído. Si usted quisiera pedirme algo muy concreto y que yo me sienta capaz de hacerlo, lo haré con mucho gusto. Pero tengo la impresión de que Cardjin ya tiene su lugar en la historia de la Iglesia pero ya pasó del mundo de hoy.

En todo caso si usted escribe algo sobre Cardjin o reúne algún material interesante y tuviera la gentileza de enviármelo, se lo agradecería mucho.

Que Dios lo bendiga y también lo bendiga el canónigo Cardjin que debe estar en la Gloria.


+ Bernardino Piñera C.,
Arzobispo emérito de La Serena

Bishop Eugene Hurley
Bishop Eugene Hurley

Bishop Eugene Hurley, Emeritus bishop of Darwin, former YCW chaplain in Port Pirie Diocese

Thank you for your kind invitation to attend a meeting on Sunday 19th August.I’m delighted with the concept of a Cardijn Institute and I pray that it will be a roaring success. Unfortunately I can’t attend as I will be administering the sacrament of Confirmation on Bathurst Island on (19 August).

The church, and indeed the whole youth population, desperately need the YCW. It’s one of my great sadnesses to have lived through the diminishment of this wonderful way of life.

I wish you every success as you venture into this new possibility.

God bless, Bishop Eugene.

Guy Tordeur
Guy Tordeur

Guy Tordeur, postulator for the Cardijn canonisation cause, trade union leader and former YCW (KAJ) leader in Belgium

We enjoy to read that a Cardijn institute will start in Australia !

We hope that Australian YCW is in good contact with this institute. We invite the institute to enter in contact with the ICA (International Cardijn Association). Regarding the canonisation process, the archbishop (Cardinal Jozef De Kesel) recently nominated is still looking for the next step! And the president of the court (Mgr Stefaan Van Calster) died and we are waiting for a nomination of a next one.

We will give you more information as soon as possible.

Guy Tordeur

MJ Ruben
MJ Ruben

Ruben M. Joseph, International Coordinator, Cardijn Community International, former Indian YCW, IYCW and trade union leader.

It gives me immense pleasure to learn of your initiative to launch the Australian Cardijn Institute.

Some argue that Cardijn is outdated in contemporary reality. But in actual fact Cardijn’s vision and methodology is all the more relevant in the context of globalisation.

In this context ACI has a role to bring out the effectiveness of the time tested methodology of Cardijn to prepare the next generation to work towards a “new heaven and new earth”.

I wish ACI will be a great source of reference and inspiration not only to Australia but to everyone at the international level.

As a Cardijn follower for more than 50 years I look forward to associate with your venture.

I wish you and all those involved in this great move all the very best.

May the Holy Spirit lead your every move to be “conscious and responsible”.

In Solidarity
Ruben M. Joseph
International Coordinator
Cardijn Community International  (CCI) Chennai, India
August 10, 2018

Bob Pennington
Bob Pennington

Dr Bob Pennington, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Mount St Joseph University, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Last month, about 70 Catholic scholars and activists came to Cincinnati, Ohio, not only to look back, reflect, and celebrate the life and work of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn, but, also, to look forward and imagine how his specialized Catholic Action movement, and his methodological realism, can aid the Catholic Church in the twenty-first century.

During our gathering everyone discussed how Cardijn’s methodology became canonical in twentieth century Catholic Social Teaching documents including: Mater et Magistra, Gaudium et Spes, Octogesima Adveniens, and Laudato Si. In addition, our group discussed how the Latin American bishops appropriated Cardijn’s methodology at meetings in 1968 at Medellin, Colombia; in 1979 at Puebla, Mexico; and in 2007 at Aparecida, Brazil. And, we discussed how Pope Francis currently promotes Cardijn’s methodology in various public platforms. But, most importantly, our group asked some tough questions that all Christians want answered: How do we embody the Church’s mission of a “Preferential Option for the Poor,” how do we faithfully confront the challenge of changing those realities that crucify people to a life of suffering everyday. The resounding answer to these and other questions of social importance was simple: teach the laity to use Cardijn’s tool – the See-Judge-Act method. My hope is that the Australian Cardijn Institute will help achieve these goals – to educate lay activist and scholar alike, to promote the mission of Cardijn and the Church, in short, to form Christian disciples who will serve the Reign of God.

Bob Pennington 11 August, 2018

Glynis Joseph
Glynis Joseph

Glynis Joseph, ex-YCW, National Coordinator, Cardijn Community India

Greetings from India!

We are happy to learn that you have embarked on a new venture of setting up the Australian Cardijn Institute in Melbourne, Australia.

On behalf of the Cardijn Community India (CCI) I congratulate you on reaching yet another landmark in your endeavour to promote Cardijn’s vision and methodology.

Your venture to preserve and promote the legacy of Cardijn is the need of the hour particularly at a time when the younger generation is deeply connected with ‘virtual reality’ and have become vulnerable targets of consumerism. Pope Francis too expressed his anguish on this when he said “This is serious. We have to help young people ‘land’ in the real world”.

We hope the Australian Cardijn Institute through its research, training, information and publications will be aiding and developing the efforts to build a new world of love, justice, peace and truth.

Cardijn Community India (CCI) looks forward to a meaningful partnership with ACI in the days to come.

Wishing you all the very best for the launch on the 19th August 2018.


Yours in Solidarity
Glynis Joseph
National Coordinator
Cardijn Community India (CCI)

Fr Mike Deeb OP
Fr Mike Deeb OP

Fr Mike Deeb OP, Permanent Delegate of the Dominican Order to the United Nations and general Promoter for Justice and Peace. International Chaplain of IYCS and IMCS (Pax Romana) 1999-2007.

Dear Friends.

Many thanks for the invitation to the launch of the Australian Cardijn Insititute. It is difficult for me to oblige from Rome, but I send my congratulations to you all for succeeding to realise such a valuable initiative.

Our world and our Church, more than ever, need the movement envisaged by Cardijn. This movement is characterised, not only by a methodology (which many divergent groups claim to use!), but by a spirituality of transformation proposed by Jesus which is rooted in life experience and deep concern for the poor, the oppressed and the marginalised.

I hope that this new institute will become a major player in the promotion of such a spirituality.

May God bless your initiative and your work in the coming years!

Mike Deeb OP
12 August 2018

Paul Sinnappan
Paul Sinnappan

Dr Paul Sinnappan, Coordinator, Cardijn Community Malaysia

On behalf of Cardijn Community Malaysia. I would like to congratulate CCA in officially establishing the Cardijn Institute in Melbourne .

I would like to also thank all those from CCA who have worked hard over the years to realize this success especially Stefan, Kevin Vaughan, David Moloney, Wayne McGough and many others.

The Cardijn Institute in Melbourne could also become the role model to form similar institutes in Malaysia and other countries to promote Cardijn Spirituality and Methodology .

May God bless the Institutes and may Cardijn spirit motivate all who will run the future .

Thank you
Paul Sinnappan

Nancy Conrad
Nancy Conrad

Nancy Conrad, vice-president, US YCW 1960-62; coordinator, Cardijn Associates USA

Congratulations, best wishes, and prayers for you, our friends in Australia on the occasion of the official launch of the Australian Cardijn Institute this coming Sunday, August 19, 2018. We are inspired by your initiative to formally come together in the spirit of Cardijn to respond to the challenges of our times.

As Cardijn Associates USA attempts to re-energize itself, we are excited to hear about your efforts and we look forward to being able to learn from and cooperate with the Australian Cardijn Initiative and the Cardijn Community International for many years.

Ludovicus Mardiyono

Ludovicus Mardiyono, International YCW president 2012-2016

Dear Cardijners in Australia,

I congratulate you on your great, genuine and brave initiative to launch Cardijn Institute in Australia.

If I am not wrong, this would be the first Cardijn institute in Asia-Pacific, probably in the world.

The vision of Cardijn to liberate young workers from bondage of slavery is always relevant till today and even forever.

He even gave method that can be applied in any situation, any time and everywhere. I join you in your work and passion for change for better.


Ludovicus Mardiyono
15 August 2018

Berhanu Sinamo
Berhanu Sinamo

Berhanu Sinamo Deboch, ICYCW International President

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Receive greetings from the ICYCW International Secretariat based in Rome, Italy.

On the behalf of the International Secretariat team, I would like to take this opportunity to extend sincere congratulations to you for the launch of the Australian Cardijn Institute in Melbourne by 19th August 2018.

We are very sure that the establishment of this institute will make significant contributions in the life of Cardijn movements as well as societies in Australia. In addition to this, the institute will bring abundant fruits for the good of Cardijn Movements and of the whole Church.

I would very much like to attend this important event personally. However, because of a prior commitment, it is really a pity that I could not join you by myself.

Today, thousands of Cardijn Movements are playing a significant role in the society and church. The Cardijn methodology (SEE-JUDGE & ACT) is very influential in the Catholic social teaching of the church. Still, his work and inspiration are very vibrant in the International Coordination of Young Christian Workers and other Cardijn movements. Let us move forward together for the canonization of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn.

We are very much looking forward to collaborate with the Cardijn Institute in Melbourne as well as all other Cardijn movements.

Keep Making the Difference!

With best wishes,

Berhanu Sinamo DEBOCH
ICYCW International President
16 August 2018

Joceline Minerve
Joceline Minerve

Joceline Minerve, former secretary-general MIDADE (International Catholic Movement for the Apostolate of Children), former Minister of Social Welfare, Mauritius

Dear friends from Australia,

What a good news to learn of the setting-up the Australian Cardijn Institute Cooperative ltd.

It does signify a big step forward in collective action. Congratulations for this laudable initiative.

In fact, as in to-day’s world where economic is more equal to virtual financial deeds, it’s comforting to witness that values like solidarity, mutual support and empowerment of the vulnerable sectors, which appears to be your target.

This decision is a great opportunity for your people who is called upon to stand up and to face together challenges in managing family and domestic budgets, among other objectives.

My heart is full of joy and while I rejoice in communion with you all, I do praise the Lord, in french, with your permission :

As it is written in the Gospel ” L’Esprit fait toutes choses nouvelles” (The Gospel makes all things new) and ‘Voyez comme ils s’aiment, comme ils sont heureux, l’Esprit du Seigneur habite en eux’ (See how they love one another, the Spirit of the Lord is with them).

Please keep going. You are on the right path !

Long live ACI.

All the very best in your endeavor.

Joceline Minerve
Secretary, Cardijn Community International
17 August 2018

Goh Han Serm
Goh Han Serm

Goh Han Serm, National President Singaore YCS (1974) National President Singapore YCW (1986 – 1988)

Greetings from Singapore on the occasion of the launch of Australian Cardijn Institute in Melbourne on Sunday 19th August.

One of Cardijn’s great contributions to the Church is the Review of Life Method – See, Judge, and Act (SJA). The Review of Life is a school of formation that has transformed the lives of thousands of students and workers, and the world around them. The SJA method continues to be used to interpret ‘the signs of times” and challenges us to transform the world.

Cardijn also taught us that “Each Worker is worth more than all the gold in the world.” The programmes and actions of the Cardijn movements are centred on persons, made in the image of God. The Australian Cardijn Institute would promote the dignity of the human person and the formation of conscious and responsible leaders.

I am confident that the Australian Cardijn Institute will help continue the spirit of Cardijn and the Review of Life Method. The Institute would be an important support to the current and former Young Christian Students and Young Christian Workers in their work with the Church towards integral human development.

I wish Australian Cardijn Institute the very best in your endeavour.

In Solidarity
Goh Han Serm, Hans
18 August 2018

Rungrote Tangsurakit
Rungrote Tangsurakit

Rungrote Tangsurakit, Collaborator YCW Thailand 1978-2000; Founding Convenor, Cardijn Community International 2001 – 2006.

To all members of the Australian Cardijn Institute It is with our spirit to share the joy with you on your auspicious official incorporation of the Australian Cardijn Institute as a cooperative.

We are sure that this initiative significantly contributes to the promotion of Cardijn’s spirituality and methodology to wider audience.

We wish you all the successes of this Australian Cardijn Institute with the intercession of Joseph Cardijn.

In Solidarity
Rungrote Tangsurakit
CCI Thailand
18 August 2018

Kins Aparace
Kins Aparace

Alma ‘Kins’ Aparece, IYCS Asian Team 1995-1999

Dear friends,

Congratulations for the launch of the Australian Cardijn Institute! It is a dream shared by many for years and am happy to have witnessed the initial meetings and activities a decade ago. Some of those who worked hard at this may no longer be around to see this dream come true… Cardinal Joseph Cardijn has been telling us that the ‘good tends to diffuse itself’… ACI is a move to again share goodness so that another world becomes possible! The Cardijn movement’s produced countless of individuals, groups and institutions true to the review of life methodology. With the ACI flourishing down under, we get the inspiration to continue. Let ACI witness more stories of faith and goodness. Let it not just store past memoires but rather incubate more commitment, more inspiration and more faith! Congratulations everyone! In solidarity, Alma Aparece (Kins) Executive Directress, Student Catholic Action of the Philippines August 18, 2018

Maryanne Ekka
Maryanne Ekka

Maryanne Ekka, former YCW Jamshedpur, India; Coordinator CCI Jamshedpur

Greetings and good wishes to you on the LAUNCH of this dream Institute!!

On behalf of the Cardijn Community of Jamshedpur and on my own behalf, CONGRATULATIONSon this achievement and we wish the Australian Cardijn Institute success in all your endeavours.

It is a historic day for all Cardijn followers in Australia..God bless you all. We go down memory lane ascwe recall the visits of Australian friends to Jamshedpur. We enjoyed and learnt from their visits of these committed leaders.

Once again we wish the ACI all succes is spreading the message of Cardinal Joseph Cardijn…” YOUNG WORKERS ARE MORE PRECIOUS THAN ALL THE GOLD IN THE WORLD”


CCI – Jamshedpur Chapter