Webinar: Brother Smiddy – This worker life

Out! Out, ya bastards!! Get out.” The media crew arriving unannounced at the union office that day got no mealy-mouthed reception from a man caught off-guard and frozen by the sight of a TV camera. Brian Smiddy came storming towards them ready for battle… a passionate man drawn to protect his patch and his people.

Brother Smiddy – This worker life

Webinar: 7pm AEST, Thursday 4 July 2024

In conversation: Brian Smiddy and Jean Ker Walsh

Shaped by childhood years living with his adoptive dad in a railway guard’s van in Williamstown; formed in his teen years as a Young Christian Worker leader; active through decades in the printing industry as a Chapel Brother, union organiser and Labor Party man, Brian Smiddy became a valiant friend of working men and women, and valued confidant of a Labor Premier.

Brother Smiddy recounts a life of unwavering commitment to those with less than they deserve – less respect, less in their pay packets, less freedom to fight for their right to a dignified life. Over the decades, this worker life claims its price.

Join the webinar 7pm AEST, Thursday 4 July 2024

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