ACI AGM Online 29 August 2020

The Australian Cardijn Cooperative will hold its Annual General Meeting for this year online on Saturday 29 August at 2.00pm.

Meeting link:

Below is the formal Notice of Meeting.




Notice is hereby given that the SECOND ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the Australian Cardijn Institute Cooperative Limited will be held on Saturday 29 August 2020 at 2.00pm AEST.

The Registrar of Cooperatives has approved holding a virtual general meeting.

Please contact the secretary for the link.


The chairperson, Mr Brian Lawrence is to deem if we have a quorum and then open the meeting with a prayer.

1. To confirm the Minutes of the First Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 24 August 2019.

2. Any matters arising from the Minutes of the 2019 First Annual General Meeting.

3. To receive from the Board, Auditors, any officer of the ACI, any member of ACI, any reports upon the transactions, affairs of the Australian Cardijn Institute for the year end of 30/06/2020.

4. Income and Expenditure Statement and Balance Sheet for the year end 30/06/2020. Mr Michael Rice to present.

5. Election of Directors: Present Board Members are: Mr Brian Lawrence, Chairperson, Messrs Kevin Vaughan, Mark Ager, Stefan Gigacz, Secretary, Gregore Lopez, David Moloney, Michael Rice, Treasurer, Desmond Ryan and Damian Egan. During the year, Mr K.E. Vaughan resigned as chairperson. On 3. March 2020, Mr Brian Lawrence was elected to the board and also elected as chairperson. Mr Damian Egan was also elected to the board on 3 March 2020.

5 A. Members to vote confirming the appointments of Messrs B. Lawrence and Mr D. Egan.

5 B. The Board is seeking to further improve its expertise and is looking for suitable candidates with special skills in marketing, religious, theological and other relevant disciplines and in order to increase gender and age diversity.

6. Guest speaker: Ms Sarah Moffatt, Member of the Executive Committee, Australian Plenary Council, Acting Chancellor, Archdiocese of Adelaide, former national president Australian YCW.

7. National and International Reports: Mr S. Gigacz

Website: Mr S. Gigacz

Newsletter: Mr G. Lopez

Adelaide Report: Mr M. Ager

Brisbane Report: Mr M. Rice

Melbourne Report: Mr D. Moloney

Perth Report: Mr D. Egan

Sydney Report:

8. Our “Notice of Meeting” will be online from 15 August 2020 at the following link:

Members are encouraged to email the secretary Mr S.R. Gigacz by 22 August 2020 with any voting intentions, questions for the annual meeting or suggestions:

9. Capital raising: Refer Mr D.J. Ryan.

10. Promoting ACI membership:

11. Promoting awareness to the general public of the policy and aims of ACI

12. General Business

Development of Strategic Plan

Promoting the ACI submission to the Plenary Council and to the wider community. Attached. Refer K.E. Vaughan.


Secretary/Director: Mr S. Gigacz

Email: or

Phone: 0491 077 033.

ACI Registered Address: 56 Austin Rd, Seaford, Vic, 3198.

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