Barron highlights vocation of the 99%

Bishop Robert Barron, founder of Word on Fire ministries and bishop of Winona-Rochester, Minnesota in the USA, has said that he emphasised the vocation of lay people during the First Assembly of the Synod on Synodality in Rome in October 2023.

“A question that I raised several times in the small group conversations,” however, ” he wrote on his blog, “was whether, in our enthusiasm to include people in the governance of the Church, we forget that the vocation of 99 percent of the Catholic laity is to sanctify the world, to bring Christ into the arenas of politics, the arts, entertainment, communication, business, medicine, etc., precisely where they have special competence.

“Generally speaking, I was worried that both the Instrumentum Laboris and the synod conversations were far more preoccupied with the ad intra than with the ad extra, and this despite the fact that Pope Francis has been consistently calling for a Church that goes out from itself.

“On a number of occasions during the synod, I proposed the Catholic Action model that was, in the preconciliar period, such an effective way to form the laity in their mission to the world,” he added.


Bishop Robert Barron, My experience of the Synod (Word on Fire)


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