Denis Edwards Book Prize for Fr Orm Rush

Congratulations to Associate Professor Ormond Rush from the Australian Catholic University for his monumental recent book, The Vision of Vatican II, Its fundamental principles, which recently shared in the award of the 2021 ATF Literary Trust Theological Book Prize in honour of the late Adelaide priest and theologian, Fr Denis Edwards.

Appropriately enough, Fr Orm was a member of the YCS as a high school student in Queensland while Fr Denis was a YCS chaplain in Adelaide.

In his book, Fr Orm discerns 24 hermeneutical, theological and ecclesiological principles for understanding and implementing the orientations of the Second Vatican II.

In their evaluation, the judges said that The Vision of Vatican II “was destined to become a major point of reference in Vatican II studies.”

“It is difficult to overestimate the magnitude of the achievement of Ormond Rush’s Vision of Vatican II. 
The author offers a remarkable tour de force of the theological and ecclesial principles the author discerns in the documents, background and fundamental vision of Vatican II. Rush does this from the vantage point of half a century of critical engagement, reflection and reception within the wider ecumenical Church. 

“Combining a breadth and depth of scholarship with creativity and insight the author provides a foundational theological resource not simply for students and theologians of Vatican II but for all who would seek to understand some of the great themes that have preoccupied the hearts and minds of Christians in the 20th and 21st century.”

Fr Orm shared the prize with another ACU theologian, David Newheiser, for his book Hope in a Secular Age.


ACU theologians scoop book prize (ACU Media Release/CathNews)


Fr Orm begins his presentation at the 29:20 minute mark.