International Week of Young Workers

As it has done since the 1980s, the International YCW is this week celebrating the International Week of Young Workers, which has its origins with the Brazilian YCW which first celebrated the National Week of Young Workers in 1970.

The IYCW adopted it as an international event in 1983. This year, however, the movement is celebrating the week as a virtual event.

Former IYCW chaplain, Bishop Reginaldo Andrietta of Jales, Brazil, has written a special prayer for the event.

“The working class in Brazil has suffered a serious setback that is affecting everyone but especially young people,” he writes. “In the face of the current scenario, we are called to unify our voices and actions.

“As a milestone for this challenge, we invite all young people and all people who share our struggle for worthy living and working conditions, to join us, praying as follows:


Jesus, I offer you this day:
my work, my difficulties,
Battles, joys and hopes. Grant to us,
young people who are preparing for our professional life,
who are looking for jobs
or who have work,
the consciousness of our dignity,
of our rights and our responsibilities. Grant us the grace to witness our love of life
and to what is honest and just,
through our daily dedication to our union and organisations,
and the wisdom of to act collectively
for the betterment of our living and working conditions. Finally, grant us
loyalty to the mission of working
For the kingdom that is yours,
today and always.



The IYCW celebrates the International Week of Young Workers – April 24th – May 1st, 2020 (JOCI)

Dom Reginaldo Andrietta (Facebook)