Siblings All: A detailed guide to Fratelli tutti: Cardinal Czerny

In a heads up for his Cardijn Lecture on Monday 14 November, Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development prefect, Cardinal Michael Czerny SJ, has explained his new book, Siblings All, co-authored with Fr Christian Barone.

Siblings All provides more than a detailed guide to the encyclical Fratelli tutti,” Cardinal Czerny explained to ACI.

“It locates the encyclical within the Church’s social teaching, particularly as that teaching has developed out of the Second Vatican Council.

“The first part of the book traces the great continuity between Francis’s development of the magisterium and the pronouncements of the Second Vatican Council. The second part then treats Fratelli tutti chapter by chapter, clarifying the contemporary themes addressed against their conciliar background.

“Thanks to this large landscape, Siblings All sheds light on ‘the fascinating and compelling paradox’ that suffuses Christian faith, as Pope Francis states in his preface to the volume: ‘The Reign of God should [neither] be identified or confused with some earthly or political achievement,” Cardinal Czerny emphasised.

“Nor should it be envisioned as a purely interior reality, one that is merely personal and spiritual, or as a promise that concerns only the world to come.’ The Church needs ‘to be in dialogue with the world,’ not for its own sake but as the precondition ‘for it to put itself at the service of humanity.’”

Fratelli tutti is a highly programmatic text that can challenge its audience. We feel it is well worth the effort to read it, study it and incarnate it, both in our Church life and throughout our civil coexistence—what the encyclical’s sub-title calls “social friendship”.

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Siblings All will be officially published in Australia on 1 December and copies are expected to be available from 9 December.

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Cardijn Lecture Details

Monday 14 November 2022, 7.30pm AEDT, 9.30am Rome/Brussels, 10.30am Johannesburg.