Tax deal not fair on working poor

The change to Australia’s income tax legislation in February 2024 was a carefully calculated initiative by the Federal Government to appeal to “middle Australia”, writes Brian Lawrence, with the result that low paid workers, the working poor, did not get a fair deal.

“The tax bites into their wage packets have grown through bracket creep while substantial changes for middle income taxpayers have restored their tax bites to earlier levels,” he writes in a reflection for the Feast of St Joseph the Worker on 1 May 2024.

“In effect, the low paid are paying more tax so that middle income earners can pay less tax. That this was done by a Labor Government is a cause for concern, as was the silence of the trade union movement.

“What can be done? Who will represent the working poor? Might this be a matter for Catholic social justice groups to take up? Can the Catholic Church and The Greens find common ground?”


Brian Lawrence, Who will represent the working poor in getting a fair go on income taxation?


Chris Potter / / Flickr / CC 2.0